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Travelex stores in Antalya Airport

Find out where our stores are located in Antalya Airport

If you’re off on holiday and need to pick up some foreign currency before you fly, we have plenty of Travelex stores across Antalya Airport

Check our listing below for the currencies we stock at Antalya Airport . The stores here will also offer the current exchange rates, meaning you can check the dollar exchange rate, the latest euro rate or the British pound exchange rate and pick up a great deal on your currency.

Foreign currency at Antalya Airport

Believe it or not, all of our stores in Antalya Airport are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! That means you’ll always be able to buy your foreign currency, whatever time you’re flying.

You’ll find the full list of stores below – or you can use our store finder to find your nearest store in Turkey.

Antalya Airport Terminal 1 Landside Arrival
Phone Number: +902423151927
Antalya Airport Terminal 1 Airside Departure
Phone Number: +902423151928
Antalya Airport Terminal 2 Landside Arrival
Phone Number: +902423154921
Antalya Airport Terminal 2 Airside Departure
Phone Number: +90 (242) 330 3378

Currencies available at Antalya Airport

In Antalya Airport, we offer an impressive 49 currencies for sale in our Travelex stores – these are listed below:

Australian dollar (AUD)

Malaysian ringgit (MYR)

Azerbaijan new manat (AZN)

Moroccan dirham (MAD)

Bahraini dinar (BHD)

New Zealand dollar (NZD)

Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark (BAM)

Norwegian krone (NOK)

Brazilian real (BRL)

Omani rial (OMR)

Bulgarian lev (BGN)

Pakistani rupee (PKR)

Canadian dollar (CAD)

Philippine peso (PHP)

Chinese yuan renminbi (CNY)

Polish zloty (PLN)

Croatian kuna (HRK)

Qatari riyal (QAR)

Czech Republic koruna (CZK)

Romanian leu (RON)

Danish krone (DKK)

Russian ruble (RUR)

Egyptian pound (EGP)

Saudi riyal (SAR)

Euro (EUR)

Singaporean dollar (SGD)

Georgian lari (GEL)

South African rand (ZAR)

Hong Kong dollar (HKD)

South Korean won (KRW)

Hungarian forint (HUF)

Swedish krona (SEK)

Indian rupee (INR)

Swiss franc (CHF)

Indonesian rupiah (IDR)

Taiwanese dollar (TWD)

Iraqi dinar (IQD)

Thai baht (THB)

Israeli shekel (ILS)

UAE dirham (AED)

Japanese yen (JPY)

UK British pound sterling (GBP)

Jordanian dinar (JOD)

Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH)

Kazakhstani tenge (KZT)

United States dollar (USD)

Kuwaiti dinar (KWD)

Lebanese pound (LBP)

Macedonian denar (MKD)

If the foreign currency you need is not listed, take a look at our currencies page to find out which stores in Turkey have it in stock.